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Willow and Spring

Ready to dive into a world of quirky delights? Look no further than Willow & Spring Clothing! We're not just your average clothing shop – we're your go-to destination for a fantastic array of affordable handmade leather bags, purses that practically scream personality, and leather gladiator shoes that go all the way up to a fabulous size 14! But wait, there's more!

Picture this: funky everyday dresses that will make heads turn, ethically made clothing that's as guilt-free as it is stylish, and women's leather sandals that cater to every foot size up to a dazzling 14. And let's not forget the handmade treasures – from crochet jackets that add a touch of whimsy to leather purses that are true works of art.

But it doesn't stop there! We're all about comfort and style, offering the comfiest pants you'll ever wear. And the best part? Our designs are as unique as you are, ensuring that you won't spot them anywhere else! We proudly celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, with our clothing available in a broad range from size 10 to 26 – there's something for everyone, no doubt about it.

Say goodbye to boring stripes because we promise you won't find any here! So, whether you're into funky fashion, ethical choices, or just want to treat your feet to some stylish leather sandals, Willow & Spring Clothing is your one-stop-shop for all things quirky and unique.

  • Opening hours
    Thur & Fri 10am-1pm
    Sat 9am-1pm
    Sun 7am-1pm
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