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About Old Petrie Town

Revisit yesteryear at Old Petrie Town, a charming restored historic village spread across 48 acres of parklands in the middle of Moreton Bay.

Set among a beautiful backdrop of ancient Moreton Bay fig trees and heritage buildings, Old Petrie Town in Kurwongbah looks like a page out of a history book. Old Petrie Town is always available for all to enjoy and attracts huge crowds for its weekly markets. There are so many things to do at Old Petrie Town!

History of Old Petrie Town

Old Petrie Town was first called North Pine Country Park, changing names in 2005. The history of the buildings and land date back to the 1800s, with the Forman’s Cottage built in 1876 near baby fig trees, now proud and majestic fig giants.

Heritage buildings

Take a walk & explore the amazing collection of historic buildings in this pre 1930's town.

Flora & Fauna

Set on 50 acres of light bush, lawns and gardens, Old Petrie Town is home to an amazing array of plants, animals, birds, reptiles and insect species. Take a moment to actually have a look at the amazing array of life that exists here.